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The majority of the trail terrain is gently undulating. But, there are a few challenges.The majority of the trail terrain is gently undulating. But, there are a few challenges.Your Munda Biddi Trail experience will be greatly enhanced with preparation, planning and some knowledge of the basic principals of cycling - fitness, gear, technique and safety. This includes checking the up to date trail conditions and taking advantage of the trip planning pages on this website, which are designed to give you most, if not all, of the information you will need.

You will also need the relevant Munda Biddi maps before commencing your ride which provide invaluable information when preparing for your trip.

Riding the trail can be exhilarating, but can also be difficult in some sections. The most essential element to enjoying your trail experience is to plan a ride that is suitable for your fitness and skill level. While the much of the trail terrain is gently undulating, there are naturally some challenging sections and cyclists should prepare for this. Be sure to start with small journeys and increase the kilometres as your fitness increases.

The time it takes to complete each section will depend on your fitness, skill level and whether you are carrying camping gear. Unlike cycling and touring on sealed roads, cycling off-road is different because the trail surfaces vary. Therefore you will need to allow for more time when you plan your trip. As a guide if you can ride 80km a day on sealed roads or bike paths, you should only aim to cycle 40-50km off-road.

For inexperienced riders, the best way to start is with a day ride. Don’t hesitate to get off your bike on the hills and take in the scenery at a relaxed pace.

When planning a longer trip on the trail, it is important to consider the accommodation and services available on the way. Visit the accommodation page and Cycle Friendly Business Directory for more information.

If there is anything you are not sure of then please send us a message.

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