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md_logo_colour.jpgmd_logo_colour.jpgAt Mountain Designs we continue as passionate people who love the outdoors. It is the vision of all at Mountain Designs for every outdoor enthusiast around the world to own and cherish our products. In keeping with this vision we have created a wide range of products available for outdoor users to enjoy. Whether you bike, run, walk, climb, tour, travel or just sit and "breathe in the view" our range of products cater for all ages, all visionaries, all explorers and all summiteers! 

Mountain Designs gear has been used in some of the harshest and wildest places on Earth. No one can deny or equal our heritage. Since its inception Mountain Designs has used the experience gained by equipping our many friends (mountaineers and unique adventurers) with the aim to design and produce outdoor gear that has unequalled function and quality.

Our unique heritage is the soul of Mountain Designs and our label the spirit. A product bearing the Mountain Designs label will continue to represent quality and function suitable for the world's adventure playground – the outdoors!



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Starting life sometime around the turn of the century, Little Creatures Brewing was born out of the love of great beer shared by some friends that had all worked together in breweries at some time or other in the past. In particular it was a love affair for a style of beer that we all wanted to drink, that of a hop driven pale ale.

Converting a dreamy love affair of hoppy beers discovered during beer pilgrimages throughout the north west of the US into reality doesn’t come easily, but the contagious nature of true dedication for great beer should never be underestimated.

To join in the crusade of great beer, an eclectic group of dedicated minds was gathered; from winemakers with a thirst for something different to engineers with a desire to put their expertise to something truly rewarding and travelling hospitality Wilburys that wanted to share the love with intrigued visitors to the brewery.

One shared belief was that breweries over the years have hardly been the most romantic of places - hidden behind big brick walls and imposing gates, very little was left to the imagination of the passing community. It was our ambition to change all that, to become an open and transparent brewery that welcomed all walks of life and had nothing to hide. The brewery was to be an integral part of the community and neighbourhood.

Through the collective ideas of the newly assembled team, a home was established by way of a much unloved and long forgotten building on the waterfront in Fremantle and a brewery designed that would make a range of ales, unique to the taste buds of Australian drinkers.

After no end of trials and experimentations and a little relief, our first beer, Little Creatures Pale Ale was proudly presented to the Australian market just in time for the summer of 2000/2001. A fair bit of time has now passed since those intrepid early days and thankfully, people from around the country have shared our love for what we do which has enabled us to grow and develop over the years.

Throughout the years, continued trial and experimentation has led to a stable of beers that we brew today with the same enthusiasm and drive as the day we began. And while we continue to grow and stretch our horizons, it is still the same shared dedication to great beer that motivates us daily and keeps us striving to make better beer with greater consistency each and every day.

We welcome you to share our passion for great beer, wherever you are.




alcoa A key contributor to the Australian economy for over 40 years, Alcoa plays an important role in supporting the communities in which we operate, and beyond. We support partnerships and  initiatives that help build stronger communities for the future. Alcoa partners with local communities on a wide range of community programs, projects and events, with a focus on building stronger and more sustainable communities.

Safety is a core value at Alcoa and we aim to work in partnership with the community to reduce injury, enhance wellness and create a safer and healthier future for all. Our partnership with the Munda Biddi Trail certainly achieves this – it’s encourages people to get out and be active while having fun. It is a project which is accessible to a wide range of people from children to adults, those that like to take things at a leisurely pace through to the keen athletes. Not only does the Trail promote a healthy lifestyle, but it is also an important asset for the communities and towns that it passes through. The Trail brings tourists into the local towns which provides a boost for their economies, therefore making them increasingly sustainable.

In addition to this partnership, Alcoa also provides funding to the Department of Environement and Conservation (now called Department of Parks and Wildlife) Alcoa Forest Enhancement (DECAFE) Program which funds a range of initiatives, including projects in the Northern Jarrah Forest that enhance nature conservation, recreation, landscape or heritage values of the land and engender interest, enthusiasm and support in the community.



TRILITY logo RGB spaceTRILITY plays a vital role in our modern world by providing water utility solutions that contribute to a better quality of life.

TRILITY has been operating in Australia since 1991 and has hundreds of employees across disciplines including asset management, engineering, design and construction, financial management and operations management. The Company works closely with communities and industry across Australia designing, building, operating and maintaining critical water, wastewater and reuse water infrastructure. The scope of services we offer include desalination, industrial water, water treatment, wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, utility services and biosolids solutions.

We are responsible and respectful of our natural environment with a focus on using water efficiently at all times. We seek constructive engagement with clients, government and local communities and constantly achieve the highest standards through experience gained from over 20 years of serving the water sector in Australia.

TRILITY’s capabilities ensure water and wastewater infrastructure operates at - or above - contractual compliance and builds on the Company’s excellent environmental record.Wherever TRILITY is located, we explore the potential of participation through a lasting commitment with our key stakeholders. Through that, there is a shift from a passive relationship between us, the client and the customer to the active engagement of all involved.

We are committed to supporting our surrounding communities by combining profitability with social responsibility. We support a number of organisations within the communities we work in, including WaterAid, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, community-based programs via Lions Club Berri and St John ambulances services Agnes Water, and the State Opera of South Australia. It was natural TRILITY would elect to support the Munda Biddi Trail as it runs through Mundaring, the location of the Mundaring Water Treatment Plant, one of the projects TRILITY, as part of the Helena Water consortium, has a long-term commitment to.

The plant will be a critical asset and a major source of water for regional Western Australia. The benefits to the community through health, tourism and the economy are the same benefits the Trail offers – a perfect synergy.  


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