One of the best features of the Munda Biddi Trail is that its design allows riders to complete as much or as little as they like; whether it's an end to end trek or just a day ride there is something for everyone. The Trail passes through a purpose built campsite or town every 45- 50km - below are the approximate distances between specific campsites and towns.     

Please remember that these distances are provided for trip planning purposes only and are not meant to replace the relevant maps. Having the correct map is essential while out on the Trail and can also be a useful trip planning tool. Please refer to the maps to pinpoint car access points along the Trail. To purchase maps, please visit our online shop.

Mundaring to Jarrahdale (Map1)

  • stopping_for_a_snack_out_on_the_trail.jpgTotalMap Distance: 103km 
  • Mundaring to Carinyah campsite (42km)
  • Carinyah campsite to Wungong campsite (35km)
  • Wungong campsite to Jarrahdale (26km) 

Jarrahdale to Nanga (Map 2)

  • Total Map Distance: 95.37km
  • Jarrahdale to Dandalup campsite (34.03km)
  • Dandalup campsite to Dwellingup(44.93km)
  • Dwellingup to Bidjar Ngoulin campsite (28.56km)
  • (See Map 3a for Nanga to Bidjar Ngoulin campsite- 12.15km)

Nanga to Collie (Map 3)

  • Total Map Distance: 134.78km
  • Dwellingup to Bidjar Ngoulin campsite (28.56km)
  • (See Map 2b for Dwellingup to Nanga- 16.41km)
  • Bidjar Ngoulin campsite to Logue Brook Dam (31.59km)
  • Logue Brook Dam to Yarri campsite (46.14km)
  • Yarri campsite to Collie (44.9km)

Collie to Jarrahwood (Map 4)

  • Total Map Distance: 139.1km
  • Collie to Nglang Boodja campsite (46.5km)
  • Nglang Boodja campsite to Donnybrook (48.0km)
  • Donnybrook to Nala Mia campsite (44.6km)

Jarrahwood to Nannup (Sidings Rail Trail)

  • Total Map Distance: 26km
  • Jarrahwood to Nannup (26km)

Jarrahwood to Manjimup (Map 5)

  • Total Map Distance: 110.7km
  • Nala Mia Campsite to Nannup (26.7km)
  • Nannup to Donnelly River Village(37.3km)
  • Donnelly River Village to Karta Burnu Campsite (23.5km)
  • Karta Burnu Campsite to Manjimup (23.2km)

Manjimup - Pemberton - Northcliffe (Map 6)

  • Total Map Distance: 128k
  • Manjimup to Quinninup: 43km
  • Quinninup to Emerald Road: 20km
  • Emerald Road to Pemberton: 21km
  • Pemberton to Gloucester Tree: 3k
  • Gloucester Tree to Northcliffe: 41k

Northcliffe to Walpole (Map 7)

  • Total Map Distance: 130km
  • Northcliffe to Yirra Kartta Campsite: 50km
  • Yirra Campsite to Kwokralup Beela Campsite: 50km
  • Kwokralup Beela Campsite to Walpole: 30km

Walpole to Denmark (Map 8)

  • Total Map Distance: 154km
  • Walpole to Booner Mundak Campsite: 52km
  • Booner Mundak Campsite to Noralup Road: 14km
  • Nornalup Road to Jinung Beigabup Campsite: 50km
  • Jinung Beigabup Campsite: Denmark 40km

Denmark to Albany (Map 9)

  • Total Map Distance: 74.8km
  • Denmark to Youngs Sidings (26.7km)
  • Youngs Sidings to Torbay (22.4km)
  • Torbay to Elleker (9.1km)
  • Elleker to Albany - Visitors Centre (16.6km)
  • Note that camping is available at Cosy Corner East and Torbay Inlet

See the Trail Services Directory for private accommodation options along the Trail.


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