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Threes company.jpgRiding in groups is safer than riding alone.Cycling as a group in the bush is much safer than riding alone, especially in the case of emergencies. (Look here for ideas on how to meet other riders.) Keep your group size manageable; six riders is an ideal number. Keeping a cycling group together in the bush can sometimes be more difficult than bushwalking, because cycling is a faster activity and people ride at different rates. The most experienced rider in your group should go first, but the leader needs to be aware that he or she will be expected to cycle more slowly and stop more often than they may be used to. The leader will watch for markers and warn about upcoming obstacles – and clear out spider webs – for following riders.

Another experienced rider must go last ensuring that no one is left behind. The leader should wait for the cleanup or “Tail-End Charlie” to catch up at each major junction. The whole group must ride at the pace of the slowest rider, and if anyone shows signs of tiredness, heat exhaustion or dehydration, rest and drink. This is probably the best excuse to park the bike, get the snacks out and enjoy the bush and the company of the other riders.

Keep in eye or vocal contact with the cyclists in front and behind you. If you lose contact, stop and stay where you are until others from the group join you.

If it becomes necessary along the way, you might want to break up into two groups depending on ability and desire for speed. This must be a conscious decision and everyone must be aware of the change. Always notify the ride leader or cleanup if you have to leave the group for any reason.

If you are planning a ride with a group of eight or more people you will need to complete a Notification of Intent form for the Department of Parks and Wildlife. See Groups Using the Trail for more information.

To ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Munda Biddi Trail and surrounding areas, Parks and Wildlife advise that the maximum recommended group size for overnight stays at all Munda Biddi Trail camp sites is 17 (including leaders).


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