Help support Western Australia's iconic long distance off-road cycling trail.

Membership of the MBTF is free, and keeps you in the loop concerning all things Munda Biddi. You may already follow us on social media, but becoming a member really demonstrates that you are passionate about the Trail, and are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the Trail for future generations.

By joining the MBTF, you agree to receive occasional email communications from the Foundation including quarterly newsletters and official Foundation correspondence. If you choose, you can opt out of non-offical email communications as part of the sign-up process, or at any time once a member. Please hold onto the email from Google you receive at the end of signing-up, in case you want to modify your details in the future.

During the sign-up process, please consider volunteering for the Foundation. Volunteers are the life-blood of the Foundation and there are a wide variety of roles available. Your active support truly makes a difference - building the capacity of the Foundation and helping to keep the Trail in good shape. If your circumstances or location currently prohibit volunteering, you can still support the Trail by being our advocates - spreading the word about the Munda Biddi far and wide!

As an incorporated not-for-profit organisation, the MBTF relies heavily on the support of volunteers and the generosity of members, government, businesses and sponsors to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of the Munda Biddi Trail, as well as providing a diverse range of events, trail information and support.

According to one member, "the mental, and physical health the Munda Biddi provide are exceptional. Just knowing it's there is reassuring." The Munda Biddi Trail can only survive and flourish with your support - please join us by clicking on the button at the top of the page.

Resignation of Munda Biddi Trail Foundation Membership

We hate to see you go! You can resign your membership by clicking on the link in the email sent to you upon joining. Alternatively you can resign by sending the Foundation an email.