An Update

There’s been plenty of positive developments at the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation over the last few months. The MBTF board negotiated a new partnership agreement with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA), which has allowed me to go full-time in the Executive Officer’s role. With the extra time available, I have been working on updating the website and volunteer training resources, as well as progressing towards building a Rover Task Force of trail maintenance volunteers.

Rover Task Force

What is the Rover Task Force, you may ask? It’s a separate group of trail maintenance volunteers that will come together for specific projects as a schedule of work is developed. The Task Force will most likely be deployed for 2-5 days at a time, depending on the scope of the project.

‘Rovers’ will get the opportunity to forge friendships with other volunteers, as well as having the latitude to appreciate the Munda Biddi Trail in a much more intimate fashion than you would just riding through. The Rover Task Force will be deployed to undertake significant renovations to the Trail in areas of concern, plus some work on the huts and other infrastructure as required.

The Bibbulmun Track Foundation has had a similar program in operation for three years, with fantastic results for their trail, volunteers and organisation.

For those interested in getting involved, please send us an email.

E2E Action...

I’m planning my first E2E, accompanied by board member Alex Campbell, in late October. Both Alex and myself have ridden plenty of sections of the Trail over the years - however, it will be fantastic to finally get the opportunity to do our own E2E, rather than just living vicariously through you all!

A number of riders did incredibly fast E2Es as training for the Race to the Rock. Such rides are a far cry from your typical Munda Biddi experience yet form an important part of our community. Without such stoics pushing their limits, we probably wouldn’t have the diversity of equipment and approaches to off-road long-distance cycling available to choose from.

A Shared Experience

No matter how heroic or relaxed different riders are out on the Trail, we share much in common. I appreciate the freedom that off-road cycling gives me to explore, to cover ground relatively quickly but still take in the small details. A layer of mist in a remote valley, a droplet of water on a tree catching the dawn light and the breathtaking Southern Ocean, are just three of the things I appreciate about getting out on the Trail. Riders love to reminisce about that killer climb, tight singletrack or inspiring vista once finished for the day. There’s an added bonus that our chosen activity rapidly burns off the calories; you might be tempted to replace them over a hearty meal and beverage of choice… I hope to have the opportunity to listen to some of you tell me your favourite moments on the Trail when I'm out there in late October and early November.

Oliver Laing


Connecting the Indian and Southern Oceans, the Munda Biddi Trail is a 1,000+ kilometre corridor through largely undeveloped bushland.

Winding its way between Perth and Albany, the Trail offers cyclists of varying abilities one of the best nature based off-road cycling experiences in the world.

Whether for a half-day excursion out to a camp and back, or a two-week, end-to-end expedition, there is a ride to suit everyone.


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