Notice of Intent?

Q: Do I need to notify anyone? What is the Notice of Intent?

If you are cycling in a group of eight or more, and staying overnight at a campsite, then you are requested to complete the Notice of Intent form (NOI) and lodge it with Parks and Wildlife. The NOI assists us, and the Department of Parks and Wildlife, in considering the needs and enjoyment of other Trail users by preventing overcrowding in campsites and/or potential clashes of expedition dates of groups. While this information remains confidential, it may be used in emergency situations, such as a bushfire.

Other cyclists do not need to notify us. You are advised to leave your itinerary with a trusted family member or friend, who should contact the police if you don't check in when expected. In the event of an emergency ring 000.

It is suggested that you always check the latest Trail Conditions and also contact the relevant district office for the latest information before your ride.

Cyclists should always complete the log book at each campsite. This gives vital information regarding your whereabouts to rescue personnel in the event of an emergency.

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