Here you can view the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation's Constitution and Annual General Meeting reports.

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2014-15 Board Members

The Board of Directors consists of eight people representing various stakeholders of the cycling industry and community interest groups, who govern the Foundation’s operations. The Board meets on the third Tuesday of every second month to discuss issues and assist in steering the Foundation into the future.


Peter Verluis – chairperson

My occupation: I wear a few hats but unfortunately, I don't get to wear a bike helmet often enough. I run an event management business that primarily stages an annual Careers Expo; I'm a partner in a national business advisory firm - as part of this work, I find myself being a corporate handy-man for small to medium enterprises; and finally, I teach event management at Notre Dame University.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: In April 2013 I was one of 26 riders who participated in the inaugural Munda Biddi Epic - the end-to-end ride that marked the completion of the Trail. Arising from this involvement with the Trail and the people who helped to make it a reality, I thought I'd like to help. So I joined the board in late 2013 and became its chair in mid 2014.

My current/favourite mountain bike: Earlier this year, just prior to joining the Epic 2015 as a support rider, I broke my favourite bike, my 29" dual-suspension Yeti SB95. I hastily had it rebuilt as a Pivot hard-tail carbon frame and I continue to be pretty impressed. But it's a handful in the rock gardens so my go-to bike then is my old 26" dual suspension Yeti ASR5. But what I'm hankering after is a 27/5" dual suspension Transition - either a Patrol or a Scout. Remember: n+1.

My favourite places to ride: I'm happy riding almost anywhere. I try to mix between the KC and parts of the Munda Biddi Trail - the stretch from Bickley south and around the Carinyah Circuit always provides a good work-out and I've been doing this a bit lately.


 Justin von Perger – vice chairperson

My occupation: I am a software developer with my own company producing Internet savvy applications for the mining industry.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: When I discovered the Trail existed, I wanted to ride it end-to-end, ideally with my family enthusiastically in tow. These days, I’m just happy to ride bits of it with mates! I think the Trail has enormous potential to engage people with adventure holidays and cycling, while providing oldies like myself with a more civilised touring holiday utilising trail-friendly accommodation.

My current/favourite mountain bike: Giant Anthem X; my first new bike in 15 years.

My favourite places to ride: It’s hard to get time off to ride the Trail itself, so I settle for the Kalamunda Circuit and Railway Reserves Heritage Trail loop in the wee hours of Sunday mornings.


Tony Copper – secretary

My occupation: Managing director of Comet Resources Ltd

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: I joined the foundation to help a dedicated bunch of people work at getting this great, unique and amazing Western Australia trail used by as many riders as possible.

My current/favourite mountain bike: I am currently riding my favourite mountain bike - a Santa Cruz Bronson C.

My favourite places to ride: My favourite place to ride so far has been the Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada.


Neil Brodie – treasurer

My occupation: Finance Manager at Chevron Australia

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: I started (and am still) doing trail maintenance on the Munda Biddi Trail before joining the Board as Treasurer. The Munda Biddi Trail provides so many economic, social and health benefits for the community so I became a volunteer to help ensure it was well looked after and had a sustainable long-term future.

My current/favourite mountain bike: My current mountain bike is a Pivot Mach 4. It is very old school, with DW link suspension and 26” wheels, but it is a lot of fun to ride on.

My favourite places to ride: Anywhere and everywhere. The Munda Biddi sections around Dwellingup are fun and I always take the bikes on trips to Pemberton, Margaret River and Ferguson Valley as they all have great mountain bike trails to play on. On most weekends you’ll find me in the Perth hills around Kalamunda on either my road bike or mountain bike.


Jim Sharp – Department of Parks and Wildlife representative

My occupation: Director General, Department of Parks and Wildlife.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: Lifetime professional interest in the development of trails.

My current/favourite mountain bike: Giant.

My favourite places to ride: Highly variable, wherever I can.


Richard Beazley – community representative

My occupation: I operate my own consultancy Altair Mining Consultancy and am the director for TR7 New Horizons and TR7 Security.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: I joined the foundation last year on the cusp of its fundamental change from the building phase to the new phase to maintain and put in place a sustainable financial model. I believe that I can assist the Foundation utilising my experience and skill sets to achieve this required sustainability.

My current/favourite mountain bike: I will have to admit that I am not a great advocate for actually using the Trail simply because my business interests take up a lot of my time and my family has priority. That said, I do get around on my old city bike that will take me around the suburbs and occasionally to work.

My favourite places to ride: My most favourite off road ride is where I worked for a time up around Southern Cross and Marvel Loch where there are endless tracks mixed in with a lot of agricultural and mining history. There is the need to be careful as the region has a strong passion for off-road motorbikes that share the tracks, though one can have a lit of fun on some of the jumps that the innovative locals have put in place over the years.


 Bernhard (Bernie) Klingeisen – community representative

My occupation: I manage the GIS at the State Heritage Office, which combines my love for geography, technology and archaeology.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: When I first moved to Australia in 2007 the first thing I bought was a mountain bike to get around Perth and the hills. Not long after I found out about the Munda Biddi Trail and I was thrilled by the idea that this trail would one day take you all the way to Albany. From the beginning I was very interested in trail maintenance, so I joined the Volunteer Program and later became Area Sector leader. In 2015 I joined the Board to look after the trail maintenance program and bring in new ideas to use spatial technology in managing the trail.

My current/favourite mountain bike: My pride and joy is a KTM Myroon 29er hard tail, which is great for fun and competitive rides. To carry load and for my recent unsupported end to ender I use a Scott Aspect 950.

My favourite places to ride: I use every opportunity to ride, especially at Mountain Bike Orienteering Events (which often use parts of the Munda Biddi). My favourite places on the Trail are in the southern forests, especially the single trail sections and old railway formations around Pemberton, Nannup and Donnelly River.


 Ron Colman – community representative

My occupation: Hydro-geologist, currently Manager Water and Roy Hill Iron Ore.

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: I originally became involved (in 2006) to assist in completion of the Trail, now my aim is to fulfil the potential of the Trail.

My current/favourite mountain bike: For touring the Trail, I ride a 2013 Gary Fisher 29” Trek.

My favourite places to ride: Since completion of the Trail through Albany, the sections around Denmark (coastal) and the Valley of the Giants through Walpole have become favourites but I still enjoy sections north and south of Dwellingup.


Lyndon Morris – community representative

My occupation: 

Why I became involved with the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation: 

My current/favourite mountain bike: 

My favourite places to ride: