Community Development Program

Project Description

The vision of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (MBTF) to complete the Trail from Mundaring through to Albany has been realised, and now work begins so that the Trail can reach its iconic potential. Alongside this vision, the MBTF also has a goal to implement a Community Development Program in each of the communities and surrounding areas along the Trail.

Cycling tourists require a variety of services as they travel lightly and are more reliant on local services than car based tourists. Through the Munda Biddi Community Development Program, the MBTF aims to educate, inform and inspire stakeholder groups about this potential of cycling tourism, linking communities and businesses successfully to the potential of the Munda Biddi Trail as WA’s key iconic nature-based cycle touring experience.

Project Objectives

  1. Support growth of best practice cycle tourism in each community, leading to:

    An increased number of cycle tourism and Cycle Friendly Businesses registered under the MBTF Cycle Friendly Business program
    An increased number of cycle tourism packages
    An increased number of tools and mechanisms to support the growth of cycle tourism within each community

  2. Educate and raise awareness amongst stakeholders (e.g. local government, chambers of commerce, business groups, other government agencies, community and tourism groups) regarding cycle tourism opportunities to engage them in supporting growth in the industry.
  3. Increase the level of community involvement in cycle tourism development.