Volunteer with Us


Volunteering for the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation offers great rewards for those willing to participate. Those who choose to undertake this rewarding activity do so for many reasons, the most common being:

  • To get fit and enjoy the Trail
  • To make new friends and get involved in the off-road riding and cycle touring community
  • To use their skills and expertise in a volunteer role
  • To develop skills in leadership, Trail maintenance and guiding.
  • To help conserve and maintain the Trail.
  • To help spread the word and raise people’s awareness of a world class facility that is freely available for everyone to use
  • To receive rewards from both the Foundation and the Department of Parks and Wildlife such as discount vouchers, merchandise and exclusive volunteer events

Whatever your reason, we would love to hear from you to discuss how you can best help. Check our volunteers FAQs for further information.

Please note:

While the preferred age for volunteer registration is 16 years and above, children under 16 years may be accepted at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator and the Department of Parks and Wildlife; depending on the nature of the task, the environment and the risks associated. A child’s registration form will only be accepted if the parent / guardian of the child have co-signed and have undertaken to supervise their participation at all times.

It is not a requirement to be a member of the Foundation to be a volunteer. However, as a member you will have access to a range of event and merchandise discounts and Foundation newsletters.

Register now

Registration takes about five minutes using the link and is very simple.

The Foundation will ask you some personal details so that we can contact you for volunteering positions. The database also identifies some skills, hobbies and interests which you may have that can be put to good use as a volunteer for the Foundation.

Please note: The Foundation’s website has a high level of SSL security. All volunteer details are held in secure remote electronic data storage and backed up daily, so your personal information is safe with us. 
To register online you will need a valid and current email address. If you don’t have one you can get one for free from places like Hotmail , Gmail or Yahoo

Confirmation and Placement

Once your registration is accepted by the Foundation you will be sent a welcome message via email. For trail maintenance volunteers you will also receive a Volunteer maintenance pack.

Visiting the database

The volunteer database has been set up especially for you. It is a place for you to record your volunteer hours, submit trail maintenance reports, share information, meet other volunteers and  learn about new opportunities and events. Please contact the office if you would like further information about using the database.

Recording Your Hours

Once you have completed your volunteer time it is important to log your hours so that the Foundation has an accurate record and so that you are eligible for rewards and benefits. When logging your hours remember the following:
To include travel time in your hours (except in the cases of Board and sub-committee meetings)
To log your hours in a timely fashion; rewards are distributed quarterly based on the hours logged