Volunteer Insurance

Insurance Guidelines

All registered Parks and Wildlife Service volunteers in Western Australia are covered by the State Government Insurance Scheme – Riskcover.

The following information outlines the RiskCover’s – Cover Document Fund Guidelines and elements of the Workers Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.

To be eligible for insurance coverage you must be:

Registered as a Foundation/Parks and Wildlife volunteer

Regularly submit and input your volunteer hours (at least every 3 months)

Please note: Schools, clubs, youth organisations and groups with participants under the age of 16 years must carry their own insurance coverage appropriate to the age of their volunteers.

What am I covered for?   

Personal Injury

If you incur an injury (see Riskcover’s definition of personal injury below) during your volunteer placement or whilst driving to and from the site, you will be covered for:

General liability loss, injury, damage caused as a result of an act of for errors or omissions on their part where they shall become legally liable while undertaking authorised volunteer activities.

Personal accident, injury or illness in line with benefits provided by the Workers’ Compensation and Injury Management Act 1981.  See Riskcover Definition of Injury below.

Medical benefits are paid on an “out of pocket basis” after other entitlements have been exhausted.  That is, volunteers are required to first claim on Medicare, private health cover, personal insurance, employment sick leave entitlements, compulsory third party bodily injury insurance, etc.

Please note: Riskcover medical benefits are not available to overseas visitors or people not holding an approved Medicare card.

Personal Injury definition:

Injury is defined in the Riskcover – Cover Document Fund Guidelines Section 5. Miscellaneous 5.1.1 (d)) as:

“Injury means bodily injury which:

1. is sustained by the Covered Person during the Period of Cover;

2. is caused by an accident; and

3. directly and indirectly of any other cause, except illness directly resulting from or medical or surgical treatment renderednecessary by such bodily injury, results in and of the Events set out in clause 5.14 within 12 calendar months from the date of the accident by which such bodily injury is caused.”

Vehicle and Property Damage

Benefits will be paid on an “out of pocket expenses” for damage caused to a volunteers private motor vehicle or personal property used whilst undertaking authorised Departmental volunteer activities, after other entitlements have been exhausted.  That is, volunteers are required to first claim on private insurances before submitting a claim for expenses to the department.

A volunteer’s vehicle and or other equipment must have comprehensive insurance to be covered by Riskcover.

Please Note: Under no circumstances does Riskcover insure for:

General sickness
If a volunteer is driving under age or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.