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Please note that Westcycle where the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation is located does NOT sell maps. You need to either visit a local bike shop or visitor centre or purchase maps online at the Department Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions.

The Munda Biddi Trail is a world-class, nature-based, off-road cycling experience. A unique trail where a 1000km track has been built through an undeveloped natural corridor from Mundaring to Albany.

You will also need the relevant Munda Biddi maps before commencing your ride. These provide invaluable information when preparing for your trip. The Parks and Wildlife Services have developed free digital map files of the Munda Biddi trail however both the Foundation and Parks and Wildlife recommend these are to be used in conjunction with the hardcopy maps. Do not rely purely on any electronic equipment - batteries might go flat, the device may fail or break, and can be unreliable in areas of little to no network coverage.

In addition the digital maps do not include any trail diversions that may be constructed.

We recommend before and during your adventure that you check the Parks and Wildlife website for any trail diversions, closures and prescribed burns -