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Find out the latest news about the Trail and the Foundation before you set off for your next ride.

  • Map Orders

    2 September 2016

    As previously publicised, we are making some changes at Munda Biddi and this one relates to the online ordering of maps. 

    As from Monday, 29 August it will no longer be possible to order maps via the Munda Biddi website.

    Munda Biddi Trail maps can now be purchased from the Department of Parks & Wildlife online shop In many instances postage costs will be cheaper than they have been when ordering direct through Munda Biddi. 

    We hope this will provide all our customers with an efficient and cost effective service.  Riders can purchase current edition maps of the Trail individually or in sets. 

    Maps are also available from the following places but we advise contacting them prior to your arrival to check they have maps in stock:
    The Western Australia Visitor Centre in Perth 
    Visitor centres in towns along the Trail between Mundaring and Albany.
    You can also try your local bike shop.

  • Change to Memberships

    24 August 2016

    We’re making some big changes at the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation. One of these is that we are moving to a free membership model. As a past or existing member, you immediately roll-over into this new program.

    However, in order for us to transfer you to our new membership database we need you to agree to being a member. We must also provide you access to our Constitution (the “Rules”).

    To confirm that you wish to be a member of the Foundation, click HERE. You will then be directed to an on-line form where you’ll also find a link to the Rules.

    If you have any queries or concerns regarding this process, you may let us know by completing the last section of the form. We will endeavour to email our response to your queries or concerns within two weeks.

  • Maps Revised - December 2015

    23 December 2015

    Maps 1, 3, 4 and 5 were reprinted August 2015 with the most notable difference being the update of the former Department of Environment and Conservation contact details to the now Department of Parks and Wildlife. Regional office locations and contact details have been updated and can be found on the rear of every map. It is a good idea for riders to visit the district offices (open business hours Monday to Friday) to check for changed trail conditions when they are riding through the area.

    Other notable changes include revising important safety information to assist you in preparing to ride the Trail, these include: what to do in a bushfire situation and emergency information.

    Map 3 shows the permanent realignment around the Nanga Camp Site area and the Waterous Trail alignment is now shown on map 3 in orange. Riders planning to ride the Waterous Trail should purchase the stand alone Waterous Trail map (RR$9.00) as it has additional information unique to this Trail including a Terrain Profile and Distance Table.

    Map sets (maps 1-9) can be purchased from our online shop, we recommend due to the cost of posting individual maps that riders purchase these from the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Kensington or their local bicycle retailer.


  • Trail Conditions and Updates December 2015

    23 December 2015

    A friendly reminder to all Riders before heading out to ride or volunteer on the Munda Biddi Trail; always check the Department of Parks and Wildlife for the latest changes and diversions. When riding end to end (the entire Trail) we suggest that you check the website again when passing through the towns or when technology allows as conditions can change daily; the Department regularly conducts prescribed burns - weather permitting.
    Whilst on the Parks and Wildlife webpage you may also like to view Groups on the Trail* to see if there are any large groups occupying the camp site on the dates that you are planning to ride the Trail, as a group of 17 may impact on your desired Munda Biddi experience.

    *Any non-commercial groups of cyclists with eight or more members that are staying overnight at Munda Biddi Trail camp sites are asked to fill out a Notification of Intent (NOI) form and submit it to the Department of Parks and Wildlife's Recreation and Trails Unit.

  • Trail Maintenance Report December 2015

    23 December 2015

    In the last twelve months our Trail Maintenance volunteers (TMV) logged just short of 1,000 hours. Thank you all for your efforts out on the Trail and please keep those Maintenance reports coming.

    Trail Maintenance Volunteers get out to inspect, tidy and report on their section of trail at least four times a year, some more often. It is the job of the TMV to ensure that the Munda Biddi remains tidy and safe for you all to enjoy.

    Would you like to give back to the Trail, are you looking for an excuse to get out more? Why not grab a trail buddy and adopt a section of the Munda Biddi Trail, vacancies exist between Northcliffe and Walpole with sections varying in length between seven and twelve kilometres. To make the trip down south worthwhile some volunteers chose to adopt more than one section, this is entirely up to individuals. We appreciate whatever help you can give. To find out more about volunteering please visit our website or contact the volunteer and events coordinator.

    Tools and Training
    TMV have access to an online training course which can be referred to at any time. All maintenance volunteers are required to attend a one day hands on field training day, they are very informative and a great way to meet other volunteers. We often tie in the training day with a weekend away and ensuring time for socialising and a ride. Volunteers are trained on Trail and facilities maintenance issues; including erosion control, pruning requirements, how to maintain the camp sites, structures and signage.

    To make it easy for volunteers we supply written instructions and handouts including a volunteer handbook and weeds booklet. We supply all TMV’s with tools (folding tree saw, gloves and secateurs) and volunteers receive ongoing support and assistance as required from their Area Sector Leader (ASL).

    Area Sector Leaders are our super volunteers who have received additional training including sign installation, chainsaw use etc. to compliment and assist volunteers and the Department of Parks and Wildlife to keep the Trail in top condition.

    To find out more about volunteering either as a Trail Maintenance Volunteer or an Area Sector Leader please visit our website or contact the volunteer and events coordinator.