Maps Revised - December 2015

23 December 2015

Maps 1, 3, 4 and 5 were reprinted August 2015 with the most notable difference being the update of the former Department of Environment and Conservation contact details to the now Department of Parks and Wildlife. Regional office locations and contact details have been updated and can be found on the rear of every map. It is a good idea for riders to visit the district offices (open business hours Monday to Friday) to check for changed trail conditions when they are riding through the area.

Other notable changes include revising important safety information to assist you in preparing to ride the Trail, these include: what to do in a bushfire situation and emergency information.

Map 3 shows the permanent realignment around the Nanga Camp Site area and the Waterous Trail alignment is now shown on map 3 in orange. Riders planning to ride the Waterous Trail should purchase the stand alone Waterous Trail map (RR$9.00) as it has additional information unique to this Trail including a Terrain Profile and Distance Table.

Map sets (maps 1-9) can be purchased from our online shop, we recommend due to the cost of posting individual maps that riders purchase these from the Department of Parks and Wildlife in Kensington or their local bicycle retailer.