Nanny rides the Munda Biddi Trail for ChILD.

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    14 November 2017

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    20 October 2017

  • What a great use of our Trail!

    19 September 2017

  • Nanny rides the Munda Biddi Trail for ChILD.

    12 September 2017

    The Munda Biddi Trail attracts all sorts of riders and Nanny Margaret has set herself the challenge of riding the whole of the Munda Biddi Trail to raise funds for and increase the awareness of the rare lung disease ChILD. 

    The ride along the Munda Biddi Trail is inspired by Margaret’s three-year-old granddaughter Charli, who lives with Childhood Interstitial Diffuse Lung Disease. This rare disease makes it hard for Charli's lungs to absorb oxygen. She is on oxygen therapy most of the day and night, and has low reserves when viral illness hits. It has impacted her growth significantly, and meant that basic activities are more complex and physically demanding. However, she still shines brightly through it all.

    Show your support for Margaret as she sets out on the 1000+km mountain bike ride from Mundaring to Albany this weekend.

    Contact the Foundation if you would like to join Margaret on part of her ride on 6336 9699 or at To donate visit everydayhero.

  • Mountain Bike Specific Remote Area First Aid Course

    15 August 2017