Munda Biddi Messenger

The Munda Biddi Messenger is our regular email newsletter to keep everybody up-to-date with Trail news, share cyclist stories, end-to-end announcements, upcoming events and much more!

  • Issue 3 2015

    Clipped In

    This edition of Clipped In provides me with another opportunity to talk about an important aspect of our Operations Plan and to outline the board’s vision on where we are taking the Foundation. A major element of the Plan is to build and strengthen relations with a number of key stakeholders. Amongst these are State and Local Government agencies; commercial sponsors and mountain-bike and off-road cycling groups.

    I’m very pleased to report that we have made great progress along all three of these dimensions.

    - The relationship with our lead agency, the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) has never been stronger. Over the last twelve months we have over-delivered on all of the performance indicators that define our partnership with DPaW. In June of this year, the Department confirmed an increase in the financial support it will provide in 2015-16.

    - The Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) is an important supporter and advocate for the Foundation - it was highly instrumental in assisting the development of the current Operations Plan. It has now confirmed its preparedness to provide funding support to the Foundation for the next two years to underpin the prosecution of the Plan. DSR also facilitated negotiations with WestCycle, the State’s peak cycling body to help the Foundation relocate its head office to the group’s ‘Cycling Central’ facility in West Leederville.

    - Relocating with WestCycle takes us along the path to stronger relations with a range of other cycling groups including West Australian Mountain Bike Association (WAMBA), Bicycling Western Australia (BWA), CycleSport Western Australia, Bicycle Transport Alliance and BMX Sports Western Australia Inc. We see this as an important aspect of re-positioning the Foundation and making it more relevant to our members and to the broader cycling community.

    - Alcoa of Australia has, since 2000 been a key supporter and financial benefactor of the Foundation and through it, the Munda Biddi Trail. We have just completed the basis for an innovative partnership with Alcoa by which Foundation volunteers will coordinate the company’s ‘Month of Service’ program. Under the arrangement, the Foundation will identify, resource and supervise maintenance and renovation projects on which Alcoa will encourage its employees to work. The tasks will be undertaken on each of the five Fridays in October 2015. Alcoa’s generous support over the last 15 years will be recognised on 50 trail-marker signs located along the length of the Trail.

    The support of DPaW, DSR, WestCycle and Alcoa have combined to provide the Foundation with a strong financial underpinning for at least the next two years. Over the next year, our focus will turn to expanding our events program, ensuring the Trail and its facilities are well-maintained and enhanced and, most importantly, getting more riders Clipped In and out riding.

    If you are interested in finding out more about our any of the projects detailed above, simply email us.


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  • Issue 2 2015

    Clipped In

    by Peter Versluis, chair of the MBTF board

    This edition of Clipped In focuses on another other aspect of our 2015 Operations Plan: our program of events.

    As this Munda Biddi Messenger reaches you, the 2015 Epic is well underway. The Epic is the Foundation’s three week end-to-end adventure that is currently being staged for the third successive year. Last week I was lucky enough to spend three days on the Trail with the ten riders cycling from Albany to Walpole. Conditions were perfect with recent rains firming up the sections that on previous years have been sandy and soft. The ride will finish in Mundaring on Sunday 10th May, but not before we treat the riders to our very special bush-party. Held at the Carinyah Camp Site on the last night, riders will have the opportunity to experience a night in the hut and enjoy a barbecue under the stars.

    Photo: Day one of the 2015 EPIC ride; lead ride guide Terry Dixon (NSW) enjoys a meal with riders and support crew at the Denmark Hotel.

    Neil Brodie (our treasurer and chair of the Epic committee) organised everything and seems to have forgotten nothing - including arranging for the glorious weather enjoyed so far. The Epic has become the signature event for the Foundation and is just one of the ever-expanding program of rides, training opportunities and information sessions events organised by Leanne Robb, our Volunteer and Events Coordinator.

    Re-establishing a comprehensive Events Program is a major aspect of Leanne's duties and a task she seems to relish. We recognise the importance of events as a means of both connecting with our membership group and providing value to members. Reflecting this, our Operations Plan set a number of key performance indicators associated with the Events Program

    Leanne already has us well ahead of our annual targets and is busily adding more. The plan is to extend the geographic spread of our events and increase the opportunity for people in the regions to enjoy the Trail.

    If you're interested in finding out more about the Munda Biddi Trail Events Program, simply email us.


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  • Issue 1 2015

    Clipped In

    by Peter Versluis, chair of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation board

    Established in 2011, the CFB program now comprises over 100 organisations. ​These CFB's are enterprises that recognise the commercial opportunity provided by their proximity to the Trail and choose to tailor their product or service offerings to the needs of cyclists. ​In the process, it attracts riders to these businesses to spend money with them.

    ​​The CFB program has a number of objectives:

    - To enhance the Trail experience by providing riders with the Five R’s: facilities to refresh, refill, revitalise, repair and ride

    - To act as a community development program that creates commercial benefits for the enterprises and individuals that are the areas through which the Trail travels

    - To provide a revenue stream to support the Foundation’s ongoing program of trail maintenance and promotion activities.

    ​During March, April and May, with the support of the Great Southern Development Commission, we will be visiting communities between Albany and Walpole.

    This is a project that will see us re-connecting with existing CFB's and identifying prospective new CFB's. We'll also use this as an opportunity to explore opportunities for sponsorships from organisations in the area and to encourage new members to join the Foundation.

    To support this project we've produced a 20-page "Supporters' Guide" booklet that highlights the many ways in which organisations and individuals can get involved and support the Foundation. It covers everything from major sponsorship to trail maintenance volunteers.

    If you're interested in reading more and you'd like a copy of the "Supporters Guide" simply email the foundation and we'll email you an electronic copy.

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  • December 2014

    Clipped In

    by Peter Versluis, chair of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation board

    At the top of our list of tasks in our Operational Plan is a review of our membership arrangements. Members’ dues are a major component of the Foundation’s income. Traditionally hard-copies of the Munda Biddi Messenger were sent only to our paid-up members.

    But times have changed and like most organisations, we now produce our newsletter exclusively in an electronic form. This means in addition to reducing our impact on the environment, we have made some savings on the cost of printing and distributing a physical magazine. It also means an opportunity arises to spread our message further through electronic direct mail (EDM) campaigns and in social media.

    We know that as our message spreads, so too will our membership base - a positive feedback loop that will ultimately see a lift in our ability to influence outcomes, effect change and service members.

    The challenge for us is how to transition from the arrangement that we currently have with members and supporters.

    We need to make sure we can answer the question: if the Messenger becomes available to anyone, then what other benefits does membership bring?

    We think there are plenty but we have to make sure that our members agree. A sub-committee comprising of board members Bron Suchecki and Kerstin Stender are currently working their way through this issue.

    If you have any thoughts, observations or concerns, please feel free to send us an email at What better way to spend your time on the Trail then contemplating how to help.

    Next month I’ll introduce you to another one of our Operational Plan tasks and will again invite your comments.

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