Munda Biddi Challenge

One trail, two weeks, three riders and four mates - starts April 25 2016

In its fourth year, the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation’s signature event, the end-to-end ride between Mundaring and Albany, has been reborn. We’ve radically changed the format of the traditional Munda Biddi Epic, renaming it the Munda Biddi Challenge. It’s still one of the greatest mountain bike adventures in Australia, but it now gives you maximum flexibility about when you ride, where you stay and how you chill out.

Built for speed and comfort.

We’ve designed the Munda Biddi Challenge around ten teams of four riders – three riders on the Trail at any one time with a fourth rider rotating as the support-vehicle driver. Each day we’ll indicate the route, set the earliest permissible starting time and impose the latest allowable finishing time. All you’ll need to do is log in at the start of each day and sign off at its end. One of your riders must carry a personal locator beacon at all times and your support-vehicle driver will be expected to loosely shadow the team over the course and be available to respond to emergencies. And that’s about where the rules end. Otherwise you’re free to let rip.

Your team will make its own accommodation and eating arrangements (we’ll provide a list of options). You can run to a budget or spend big – it’s entirely up to you and your mates. You can party every night
or hit the cot early ready for another fast day. The Trail runs past a range of accommodation options: utilitarian but iconic Munda Biddi huts; economic and well-equipped caravan parks and camping grounds; comfortable and convenient pubs and motels. It’s your choice, but we’ll be happy to help.

Limited numbers but almost unlimited eligibility.

The plan is to initially limit the number of teams to ten. The only constraints on eligibility are that riders must be at least 18 years of age and sufficiently fit and able to cover up to 90km each day at an average speed of 10km/hr (even over the worst of the pea-gravel). We’d expect all riders to be on well-maintained, good quality mountain bikes – this is not a ride for cyclocross or even trekking bikes. The Challenge demands something with front-fork suspension – and don’t even think about panniers. You’ll need to bring your own spares and maintenance tools and maybe even a work-stand to deal with those over-night repairs.

Good weather’s not guaranteed but a great time is.

The Munda Biddi Challenge will leave the Mundaring trail-head on Monday 25 April 2016. You’ll ride south for 13 days at an average distance of just under 80km a day. As you slog down the 1,000km trail to Albany, you’ll start in Perth’s autumn but ride head-long into the Great Southern’s winter. It might be wet, it could be cold but there’s always a chance it will be delightfully balmy – the vagaries of the weather are just part of the challenge.

Whatever else happens, we guarantee you a great time. We’ll keep you moving, safe, informed and entertained. We’ll have starters each morning to time you out, stewards at the finish to log you in, marshals along the course to guide you through and special arrangements in place to stop you charging across busy roads. And there’ll be lots of opportunities for building friendships with fellow riders. Every couple of days we’ll organise a social get-together, for you to swap war stories and brag about your derring-do.

Move fast

To secure your team’s place, contact us now at: Registration is $2,200 for a team of four and includes nothing other than a free jersey, a little certificate to put on your wall and an experience that you and your mates will look back on for the rest of your lives. What’s to think about?

Do some good

The Munda Biddi Challenge is planned, organised and staged by Munda Biddi Trail Foundation volunteers. The Foundation is the not-for-profit body with responsibility for promoting and coordinating maintenance of the Trail. All proceeds from the ride will go towards supporting the Foundation and its objectives.