Meet Other Riders

Riding out on the Munda Biddi Trail with a group is a lot safer and is more fun! Here are some ideas for getting in touch with other keen cyclists:

Join an event

The Foundation holds events throughout the year at various points on the Trail. Joining an event is a great way to get started in a supported environment while meeting other cyclists.
Keep an eye on our Events Calendar for new events.

Connect through one of our social media pages 

Facebook – meet other Munda Biddi Trail enthusiasts and help spread the word to your friends that aren’t already cycling!
Twitter – Keep up to date with news on and around the Trail. Why not tweet your latest ride out on the Munda Biddi Trail of see what other users have to say?

Trail Talk – Western Australia’s premier trails social network. Check out Trail information, events and meet other users of Western Australia’s top 50 trails!


Check out other local cycling clubs and events