Notice of Intent for Groups

If you are planning a group ride of eight or more people on the Munda Biddi Trail you will need to first fill out a Notice of Intent (NOI) form.

Download a Notice of Intent form.

Why is notification needed?

The NOI provides Parks and Wildlife with information regarding your planned group activity, to help sustain the biodiversity and conservation values of the diverse environments the tracks and trails traverse. The NOI also assists us in considering the needs and enjoyment of other Trail users by preventing overcrowding in campsites and/or potential clashes of expedition dates of groups. 

Campsites on the Munda Biddi Trail cannot be booked. Therefore, the NOI is not a booking system. 

While this information remains confidential, it may be used in emergency situations, such as a bushfire. Basic notes related to the date of your expedition and the size of your group will be posted on the Groups on Trail tab within the relevant Map Section on the Parks and Wildlife website to assist other Trail users in their trip planning. 

Multi-day rides

If you are intending to conduct an organised, non-commercial educational or leisure activity of one night or more on Parks and Wildlife managed tracks or trails (with eight or more members), it is preferred that notification is received at least four weeks prior to the activity being conducted.

Before you lodge an NOI, please remember to check the Groups on Trail listings for groups that have already submitted an NOI form because only one group is permitted at each campsite each night.

The Foundation and Parks and Wildlife thank all groups who send in notification forms, it is very much appreciated.

Early notification will allow us to

  • Alert you to possible problematic Trail conditions.
  • Alert you to other groups already using the same campsites (so you can change your itinerary).
  • Have enough time to formally reply to your notification.

Note that for overnight stays at the Munda Biddi Trail campsites, total group size should not exceed 17 persons (including leaders) and all members should carry tents. This number has been set to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the Trail, campsites, facilities and the surrounding environment.

Day trips

Notifications are not needed for day trips.