The Independent Way

Self-guided cycling and camping is a satisfying and inexpensive way to the experience the Trail. This section will provide you with a wealth of information to help you get started.

To cycle the Trail end-to-end takes between 2-4 weeks with more than 100 people each year becoming end-to-enders. Around one-third of these end-to-enders achieve this in one go while the others may have made numerous trips to the Trail to achieve their goal.

The vast majority of rides taken on the Munda Biddi Trail are day trips or short rides of between two days and a week.  Cyclists may drive up to the hills from Perth for the day, or base themselves in one of the towns along the Trail.  The experience will differ depending on the time of year, the section ridden and the age-group, fitness or experience of the cyclists.

Whether it’s for the physical challenge and personal achievement of a long-distance off-road adventure or a short ride with the kids to have a picnic at a campsite, the Munda Biddi Trail offers something for everyone.

“The thing I love about riding the Munda Biddi Trail, apart from getting out in the great outdoors, is the ease at which you forget about all else; work, home and the dreaded to-do lists. I find that I am so engrossed in the moment; concentrating on staying upright and being ever weary of any obstacles looking to send me plummeting into the dust. But most of all that feeling of being at one with nature and the bike… it’s all about having fun”     

Leanne and Bill, Lynwood WA