Day Trips

Getting started - day trips

For suggested day trip options on each section, see the Section by Section guide.

Here is a list of things you need to do, pack and think about before you get going for a day ride. 

  • Purchase a Munda Biddi Trail map. Only the official maps will give you all the correct information you need. All of these can be purchased from the online shop.
  • Using the maps, decide how far and for how long you want to cycle based upon the ability of the weakest or slowest cyclist in your group, the legal access points and the weather.
  • Decide whether you are able to do a straight through ride from one point to another (by doing a car shuffle using two cars) or a return ride.
  • Wear appropriate clothes.
  • Take a watch, to decide when to turn back etc.
  • Wear a sunhat.
  • Take a small backpack containing (this is a suggestion list only - you may wish to add to, or subtract from it):
    • A bottle of water (1-2 litres depending on distance, terrain and weather).
    • A basic first-aid kit and blister kit (Fixomul etc).
    • Snacks and lunch.
    • Insect repellent and sunscreen.
    • A waterproof/windproof jacket.
    • Warm clothing.
    • Beanie/gloves.
    • Binoculars/camera.
    • Toilet paper and small trowel.
  • Use only appropriate access points (marked on maps with red or green cars). Only the official maps show vehicle access points you are permitted to use to get to the Trail. For more information, visit our FAQs
  • Adhere to the Leave No Trace principles.
  • Check current Trail conditions in our Section by Section guide.
  • Understand and abide by health, hygiene and safety guidelines.
  • Be first-aid trained. 
  • Check the facilities out on the Trail so you know what to expect.
  • Tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return.


Remember you can always arrange for a free trip planning advice service for any extended ride with one of our experienced volunteers if you are a member of the Foundation.