Multi-day Trips

For suggested overnight ride options on each section, see the Section by Section guide.

Using the Day Trips list for day cyclists as a basis, add the following list for overnight ride considerations.

  • You will still require an official map. Hard copy maps available here: and digital route files for your bike computer available here: . Whilst more and more people are enjoying the ease of using bike computers, we still recommend taking hard copy maps as devices can fail and reception is also poor in some areas.
  • Decide how far and for how long you want to cycle based upon how many days/nights you wish to ride, the weight of your load (which gets heavier with each day's food), the ability of the weakest or slowest rider in your group, the legal access points and the weather.
  • Decide whether you are able to do a straight through ride from one point to another (eg town to town or access point to access point) or a return ride (to the campsite and back the next day, for example).
  • A larger and well stocked first aid kit and blister kit (Fixomul etc) with provisions based on how long you are going to be riding, how many in your group, how remote your trip is from help and how well trained you are (people with little training go through a lot more)
  • Emergency device (eg a PLB). Do not rely on getting a signal on your mobile phone.
  • A tent. Whilst you can utliise a Munda Biddi Hut in place of a tent and campsite on overnight trips, you may like to use this as a good opportunity to test out your equipment and see how well your tent/sleeping mats/sleeping bag fares in the outdoor conditions. 

Accommodation options.

If you drive or take a bus to a town some distance from where you live, then you might not have time to travel and also ride to the first campsite. Staying is a town the night before ensures you are refreshed and have plenty of time to ride to the first campsite. Likewise, when you finish your ride you will probably be too tired for the long drive home or not be able to take a bus until the next day. 
Tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to return.