Along the Trail

These pages provide a snapshot about each section of the Trail, the natural and human history and a brief overview of local history, landscapes and special points of interest. 

For information about the towns that the Munda Biddi Trail passes through, see the section by section guide under Trip Planner.

To discover more about the unique plants and animals you can expect to see, visit our flora and fauna page.

  • Mundaring - Jarrahdale »

    On the outskirts of the Perth Metro Area lie the Perth Hills and the town of Mundaring; the northern terminus of the Munda Biddi Trail. For long distance cyclists, careful planning is required as the next town is a 103km down the Trail.

  • Jarrahdale - Nanga »

    This section starts in Jarrahdale, a small historic town that derived its name from its location in the jarrah forest. The Trail is moderately challenging as it takes cyclists to Dandalup hut and through the outdoor adventure town of Dwellingup before reaching its southern terminus of Nanga, the site of an old timber mill.

  • Nanga - Collie »

    The ride from Bidjar Ngoulin campsite south is a gentle ride upwards along the compact surface of King Jarrah Form, situated on an old forest rail formation. When you stop for a break, look out for some of the beautiful flora in the area including plants like donkey orchids and bullich groves. Sightings of bandicoots and quokkas have been recorded in the stream zones. For a small diversion, branch off south of Zig Zag Road to the Willowdale Aboretum. It’s a great place to have a break away from the Trail. Willowdale Arboretum is a collection of Eucalytus trees of different species, cultivated for scientific purposes.

  • Collie - Jarrahwood »

    The Trail from Collie to Nglang Boodja takes you back along the spur Trail to the Wallis Form intersection. From here the Trail proceeds southwest, crossing the busy Coalfields Road before entering the Wellington National Park. Windy Ridge Road is a forest track that leads you deep into the popular Wellington River valley. On your descent you will approach a series of purpose built switchbacks or zigzags, before and after crossing River Road. Huge granite boulders can be seen in the vicinity of the Trail. Touring cyclists may find the section of Trail between Windy Ridge Road and the campsite quite challenging, therefore it is recommended that you take plenty of rest breaks or walk your bike up or down the hills. Follow the markers carefully, as other bike trails occur in this area.

  • Jarrahwood - Manjimup »

    The ride to Nannup uses the Sidings Rail Trail which meanders through State forest and Conservation Park for most of the way. It is marked with both the Munda Biddi Trail and the Sidings Rail Trail markers. It is also a dual-use trail so be prepared to encounter walkers enroute.

  • Manjimup - Northcliffe »

    This popular section is often old form and good riding, the karri and jarrah trees are simply magnificent, and it passes through four towns; Manjimup, Quinninup, Pemberton and Northcliffe. The Munda Biddi leaves Manjimup and tracks next to the Muir Highway as far as the Wheatley Coast Road, then on to Quinninup, cuts across to Pemberton, then heads South to Northcliffe. Most of the route is on form or dirt roads and is reasonably flat.

  • Northcliffe - Walpole »

    Yirra Karta means "high mountains" in the traditional language, and at this hut is an impressive granite dome that has significance to the traditional owners. The next hut, Kwokralup Beela, which is the traditional name for the area and river is 50km along the Trail. The nearby rapids are of significance to the traditional owners as well. The indigenous group that lived in and around the Walpole Nornalup area were called the Minang meaning "southerners" or people of the south.

  • Walpole - Denmark »

    This section of the Trail is full of contrasts. The first part takes cyclists past some amazing tingle and karri trees, and the ride along the Frankland River near Monastery Landing and Sappers Bridge is exceptional if a bit challenging. The last section from Jinung hut is spectacular as well; the hut is under the karri trees, the ride goes past Greens Pool and Waterfall Beach and along the Coast, with really spectacular views.

  • Denmark - Albany »

    The last section of the Trail mostly travels along old rail trail, with some of it right next to Wilson Inlet. After departing Denmark, there are several small shops along the route, but no huts or accommodation.