Trail Maintenance

The Munda Biddi Trail is divided into 108 maintenance sections, varying in length from 7-20km. Some sections include a campsite. Volunteers adopt a section of the Trail and are trained to look after it. Their role is essential in ensuring that the Trail remains well-kept and well-loved. Each section is maintained by a team which may consist of one person working on their own, or a group of friends, family or work mates. Sometimes the responsibility for a section may be shared by more than one team.

The Munda Biddi Trail is managed and maintained locally along its length by the six Department of Parks and Wildlife districts through which it passes. The overall management of the Trail is coordinated by the Department of Parks and Wildlife's Recreation and Trails Unit based in Perth. The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation (MBTF) recruits volunteers and manages the Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program, which is just one of the ways that the Foundation and its volunteers provide support to DPAW in the management and maintenance of the Trail.

Maintenance volunteers’ roles in the inspection, maintenance and reporting of the condition of the Trail and its campsites contribute significantly towards the preservation of a world-class off-road cycling experience.

Alcoa and Parks and Wildlife are the Major sponsors of the MBTF and its Volunteer Trail Maintenance Program. 

You can assist by becoming a maintenance volunteer and be proud of your "own" little patch of the Trail!

For more information about becoming a maintenance volunteer and what is involved please see How Can I help? and the FAQs on volunteering.