Trip Planner

Your Munda Biddi Trail experience will be greatly enhanced with preparation, planning and some knowledge of the basic principles of cycling – fitness, gear, technique and safety. Checking these Trip Planning pages will help with this; they are bursting with useful and important information! They are designed to give you most, if not all, of the information you will need.

You will also need the relevant Munda Biddi maps before commencing your ride. These provide invaluable information when preparing for your trip.

Riding the trail can be exhilarating, but can also be difficult in some sections. The most essential element to enjoying your trail experience is to plan a ride that is suitable for your fitness and skill level. While much of the trail terrain is gently undulating, there are some challenging sections and cyclist should prepare for this. Be sure to start with small journeys and increase the kilometres as your fitness increases.

The time it takes to complete each section will depend on your fitness, skill level and whether you are carrying camping gear. Unlike cycling and touring on sealed roads, cycling off-road is different because the trail surfaces vary. Therefore you will need to allow for more time when you plan your trip. As a guide, if you can usually ride 80km a day on sealed roads or bike paths, you should only aim to cycle 40-50km off-road.

Trail Sections

Check out the Section-by-Section Guide

  • Mundaring to Jarrahdale »

    Mundaring-Carinyah hut: 42km, Carinyah-Wungong hut: 35km, Wungong-Jarrahdale: 26km

  • Jarrahdale to Nanga »

    Jarrahdale-Dandalup hut: 34.03km, Dandalup-Dwellingup: 44.93km, Dwellingup-Bidjar Ngoulin hut: 28.5km

  • Nanga to Collie »

    Nanga-Bidjar Ngoulin hut: 12.2km, Bidjar Ngoulin-Logue Brook Dam: 31.5km, Logue Brook-Yarri hut: 46.1km, Yarri-Collie: 44km

  • Collie to Jarrahwood »

    Collie-Nglang Boodja hut: 46.5km, Nglang Boodja-Donnybrook: 48.0km, Donnybrook-Nala Mia hut/Jarrahwood: 44.6km

  • Jarrahwood to Manjimup »

    Nala Mia hut-Nannup: 26.7km, Nannup-Donnelly River: 37.3km, Donnelly River-Karta Burnu: 23.5km, Karta Burna-Manjimup: 23km

  • Manjimup to Northcliffe »

    Manjimup-Quinninup: 43km, Quinninup-Emerald Rd: 20km, Emerald Rd to Pemberton: 21km, Pemberton-Northcliffe: 41km

  • Northcliffe to Walpole »

    Northcliffe/Yirra Kartta Campsite: 50km, Yirra Campsite/Kwokralup Beela Campsite: 50km, Kwokralup Beela Campsite/Walpole: 30km

  • Walpole to Denmark »

    Walpole-Booner Mundak:52km, Booner Mundak-Nornalup Rd:14km, Nornalup Rd-Jinung Beigabup:40km, Jinung Beigabup-Denmark:42km

  • Denmark to Albany »

    Denmark-Youngs Sidings: 26.7km, Youngs Sidings-Torbay: 22.4km, Torbay-Elleker: 9.1km, Elleke-Albany-Visitors Centre: 16.6km

  • The distance calculator is designed to help you plan your ride. We have included all campsites, towns, recreation sites and legal vehicle access points as shown by the red car on the Munda Biddi Trail maps.

  • There are many businesses and organisations along the entire length of the Trail that offer goods and services to help you get the most out of your ride, whether it be for a few hours or an epic end-to-end journey.

  • There are a number of things to consider before setting out on the Trail. These notes will help to make your Munda Biddi Trail experience safer and more enjoyable.

  • Preparing the right kind of food for a multi-day ride on the Munda Biddi Trail is one of the most important considerations cyclists need to make. Food can add considerably to the weight of one's backpack, significantly affecting the level of enjoyment experienced on the ride.

  • In this section you will find a brief description of the towns that lie on, or adjacent to, the Trail. Each town has its own distinct character, and the offerings of each are there to be savoured by walkers who have spent a few days in the bush.

  • Cyclists should always check the current Munda Biddi Trail conditions before embarking on a ride. The Munda Biddi Trail often has temporary diversions and permanent realignments for various reasons, which can extend the distance to be ridden on any day.

  • Deciding what equipment you need for the Munda Biddi Trail doesn't have to be a daunting process. A checklist is great way to start. As you become more experienced you will get better at knowing what gear works for you. To help you get started on overnight rides, the Foundation also has items for hire.