Caring for country


Noongar people are known and acknowledged as the traditional owners and custodians of country (Boodja) that the Munda Biddi Trail travels through. Noongar people have a deep spiritual, emotional, social and physical connection to country. Your respect is requested when you cycle the Trail as this will ensure its natural and cultural values are preserved for future generations.

Water catchments

The Munda Biddi Trail passes through several drinking water catchments zones. Don’t swim or bathe in streams, dams or rivers within those zones.


The colourless microbe known to science as Phytophthora cinnamomi is infamous worldwide for its capacity to invade and destroy the function of the root systems causing plant death. It is found in the south-west of Western Australia, where nearly half of all native plant species are susceptible to it, about 2300 species (out of estimated 5710).
In wet weather P. cinnamomi may be carried in soil moved by or on vehicles, bicycles and walker’s boots. Thus its distribution is strongly related to tracks and roads.
Keep your tyres mud-free to help prevent the spread of the Dieback fungus.