Emergency Information

The Munda Biddi Trail takes you into some remote areas of south-west Western Australia. There is very little (if any) mobile phone coverage and few services. So you need to be self-reliant and prepared for all eventualities (including mechanical breakdown of your bicycle). You may be as much as 70km from help. A personal locator beacon or similar is recommended.

For all emergencies contact Emergency Services by dialling 000. Moving to higher ground may improve mobile phone reception.

Register your details in the green log book. The information may be used by search and rescue personnel in the event of an emergency or if you are reported missing.

If you get lost:
Stop, remain calm and stay together.
Use the map to review your route.
Look at surrounding features such as tracks, streams, roads or contours and try to identify them on your map.
Retrace your route until you find a marker.
If you are still lost consider the need for warmth, shelter and water.

Your safety is our concern but your responsibility.