Trail Conditions

Current Trail conditions

Conditions on the Trail change almost daily and cyclists must stay abreast of these impacts. Cyclists should always check the current Trail conditions before embarking on a ride. We always advise that you visit the Trail conditions page supplied by the Department of Parks and Wildlife for a list of Trail conditions. On the Trail Conditions and Updates Page you will find up to date information on:

Temporary diversions

Permanent realignments

Groups on the Trail

Prescribed Burns

Cyclists are advised to check this website as you are planning your trip and the day of or before your departure as the website is updated on a daily basis.

The Munda Biddi Trail often has temporary diversions and realignments for various reasons, which can extend the distance to be ridden on any day. If you come across such a variation, follow the trail markers as opposed to your map. The Trail will soon re-join the trail indicated on the map.

Temporary diversions

Temporary diversions are marked out on the Trail with Message Stick trail markers on a yellow metal post. 

If a campsite is closed, a temporary campsite will be provided with a temporary toilet and water tank only. As there are no shelters at these campsites, cyclists will need to use their tents.

Permanent realignments

For various reasons the Trail may be permanently realigned so that what is shown the map differs from what is in the field. Follow the Message Stick trail markers as opposed to your map or guidebook. The Trail will soon re-join the trail indicated on the map. 

Groups on Trail

Leaders of groups should notify Parks and Wildlife of their intention to stay overnight at any Munda Biddi Trail campsite, using a Notice of Intent form.
Leaders should note that groups cycling the Trail and staying overnight night at Munda Biddi Trail campsites should not exceed 17 in total. 
Campsite shelters cannot be used by groups of more than 8 until after 6pm. Individual cyclists have priority over groups in the shelters. See the Code of Campsite and the Leave No Trace principles.
All groups should obtain a Notice of Intent form and submit it one month before they intend to depart for their ride.

For the list of groups overnighting at each campsite, please visit the Groups on Trail  tab in the relevant map section on the Parks and Wildlife website. 

Prescribed burns

DPAW conducts a program of prescribed burning operations during spring and autumn each year. Prescribed burning operations are undertaken for a variety of reasons, including property protection, fuel reduction and biodiversity management.

These burns are carefully planned however they may cause disruption to cyclists. Where prescribed burning operations impact on the Trail, temporary diversions will be put in place. Where the Trail is diverted, cyclists should follow the Message Stick markers on yellow metal posts. Cyclists should always adhere to instructions on signs posted on the Trail for their own safety. Prescribed burning operations are dependent on appropriate weather conditions and as such, dates for operations are not available in advance.

Campfire bans and total fire bans

A campfire ban is usually in place on the entire length of the Trail each year from the start of summer (December) to mid April. The start dates of the campfire bans vary a little for each section so cyclists should check the Trail conditions on the Department of Parks and Wildlife website. All cyclists must carry their fuel stoves to cook meals when staying at these campsites during the campfire ban season.

In some rare instances there may also be a Total Fire Ban at all campsites which means that even portable fuel stoves may not be lit.

Dieback and Munda Biddi Trail access

Please help stop the spread of Dieback which is killing our forests. If there is no red or green car on the road shown on the Munda Biddi Trail Map, then you are not permitted to drive on that road. You may be prosecuted if your vehicle is found in Disease Risk Areas - read your map carefully. If you have any doubts contact us. Note that green cars mean that you must cycle to the Trail from an access road.

People are often not aware that they are in DRA. As a guide (but not limited to) check the table below.

Remember, no red/green car = no access.

For areas not listed please contact us.

What is Dieback?

Where is Dieback in South West WA?