Trail Towns

Cyclists can re-supply in any of the towns along the way including Mundaring, Jarrahdale, Dwellingup, Collie, Boyanup, Donnybrook, Jarrahwood, Nannup, Donnelly River Village, Manjimup, Quinninup, Pemberton, Northcliffe, Walpole, Denmark and Albany. Each town has its own unique character and through-riders generally stay at least one or two nights to do their washing, buy supplies and enjoy the hospitality. 

At the half-way mark, the old mill town of Donnelly River Village offers a truly Australian experience with emus, kangaroos and other wildlife in abundance.

Disclaimer: The Trail Town information is not exhaustive and only includes those businesses who support the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation by being an Cycle Friendly Business member. Listing on this site is not an endorsement of the establishment by the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation.

  • Mundaring »

    Mundaring forms the northern terminus of the Munda Biddi Trail. Located 30 kilometres north-east out of the city of Perth, Mundaring is about a 45 minute drive into the heart of the hills.

  • Jarrahdale »

    Jarrahdale is a picturesque, historic town in the Darling scarp, surrounded by some of WA’s best Jarrah forests.

  • Dwellingup »

    Dwellingup is a little forest town, now with a big reputation as a centre for recreation and outdoor education activities. Steeped with history, the town is situated in the heart of the forested hills of the Darling Scarp and close to the Murray River; it has much to offer those who want to interact with nature.

  • Collie »

    The town of Collie embraces its mining and forest history proudly as well as making the most of its scenic location to entertain visitors. It lies in a valley formed by the Darling Ranges about 200 kilometres south of Perth.

  • Boyanup »

    The little rural town of Boyanup on the banks of the Preston River lies about 21km south-east of Bunbury, a large port and the major commercial centre for WA’s south-west. The town of Boyanup was gazetted in 1984, taking its name from the Aboriginal term for the distinguishing feature of this area, 'place of quartz'.

  • Donnybrook »

    Donnybrook is home to Western Australia’s apple growing industry. Apart from apples, the town is also a centre for the local timber, beef and dairy industries. Sitting alongside the scenic Preston River, Donnybrook is a pretty town with many historic stone buildings. The town comes into its own in October when the roads are lined with blossoming apple and cherry trees

  • Jarrahwood »

    Jarrahwood is a small town located in the South West region of Western Australia, between the towns of Busselton and Nannup.

  • Nannup »

    Nestled in the heart of the Blackwood River valley, Nannup is a beautiful little town with a sense of history and a strong link to the surrounding countryside. Now known as the Garden Village, its beautiful private and public gardens are a great way to experience the wildflowers, and in August the town is ablaze with colour from blooming tulips and daffodils.

  • Donnelly River Village »

    The historic mill town of Donnelly River Village (DRV) is nestled in the valley of the river from which it was named. DRV is now a holiday village famed for its tame wildlife and tranquil forest setting.

  • Manjimup »

    Manjimup is a large town 307 km from Perth on the South Western Highway. Set in tall tree country with its majestic karri and jarrah trees, it is the southern terminus of Stage 5.

  • Quinninup »

    The small township of Quinninup is nestled amongst giant ancient Karri forests. The forest and bush land surrounding Quinninup offers a unique variety of flora and fauna and rare orchids only found in the forests of the South-West of Western Australia.

  • Pemberton »

    Pemberton is situated in a valley, surrounded by the karri forests of the Gloucester National Park and the Pemberton Forest Park. It is a pretty timber town, which enjoys a cool climate and has a good variety of attractions, so it’s worth planning to stay an extra day or two.

  • Northcliffe »

    Located 360km south of Perth, Northcliffe has the unique distinction of being the only town founded in WA specifically for the First World War Group Settlement Scheme. There is an old fashioned country, community spirit that is still alive in Northcliffe, which has existed since the early settlement days.

  • Walpole »

    Located an hour and a half’s drive from Albany in the east and Pemberton in the west, Walpole is an ideal place to base yourself to explore the region and for cycling on the Munda Biddi Trail. The tiny town, which has a population of about 500, is located in a rather picturesque region of Western Australia where the cool waters of the Southern Ocean meet the tall, majestic forests of the southwest.

  • Denmark »

    Denmark is a popular tourist town which has a relaxed village atmosphere, romantic timber milling history and incredible coastal scenery. Just 45 minutes drive west of Albany on the southern coast, Denmark stands on the shores of the spectacular Wilson Inlet and boasts glorious swimming, surfing and fishing beaches.

  • Albany »

    The City of Albany is set on the rugged south coast of Western Australia and is the southern terminus of the Munda Biddi Trail. Albany has one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world and a dramatic convict history. Step back in time and explore convict jails, old taverns, whaling ships and settlers’ cottages and grand National Trust homes in beautifully landscaped grounds.