What bike?

What sort of bike will I need to ride the Munda Biddi Trail?

Just about any mountain bike will do, and other bicycles such as hybrids can also be used if they are fitted with wide (knobbly) off-road tyres, with widths of around 2.1 inches being suitable. Front suspension and disc brakes are recommended as a basic requirement for the Trail. If you plan to carry gear with you on your bike, do not get a dual suspension (i.e. rear suspension) bike - these are a disadvantage for this type of use. Full suspension bikes are not absolutely necessary, but help when you ride over bumps. Suspension seatposts are useful to give a more comfortable long ride. Unless you intend to do some racing or strenuous riding, you don't really need clip-on bike shoes.

Dedicated racing, touring and recumbent bikes are not suited to the Trail. Also, extension bikes and trailers for children are only suited to the flattest portions of the Trail. Contact the Foundation or visit the Trip Planning page if you need to some guidance on selecting suitable sections to ride.

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