The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation office does not sell maps. You need to either visit one of these local bike shops or visitor centres, or purchase maps online at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA).

The MBTF strongly recommends that you carry the relevant Munda Biddi maps with you whilst riding the Trail. Do not rely purely on any electronic equipment - batteries might go flat, the device may fail or break, and can be unreliable in areas of little to no network coverage. In addition the digital maps do not include any trail diversions that may be in place.

The MBTF has developed free digital map files of the Munda Biddi Trail, however we recommend they are used in conjunction with the hard-copy maps.

You can download the digital maps, which are split into two files to cover the length of the Trail, in either GPX or KMZ versions. The GPX folder also contains a file for the Waterous Loop.

These files are updated regularly, but if you find a discrepancy between the route and the files, please let us know via email.

We recommend before, and during, your ride that you check the DBCA alerts page for the latest diversions, closures and prescribed burns.

There are nine maps covering the Trail;

  1. Mundaring to Jarrahdale - updated June 2017.
  2. Jarrahdale to Nanga - updated December 2016.
  3. Nanga to Collie - updated August 2015.
  4. Collie to Jarrahwood - updated August 2015.
  5. Jarrahwood to Manjimup - updated August 2015.
  6. Manjimup to Northcliffe - updated June 2016.
  7. Northcliffe to Walpole - updated July 2016.
  8. Walpole to Denmark - updated June 2017.
  9. Denmark to Albany - updated December 2017.

There are also two alternative routes covered by maps available from DBCA that can be linked with the Munda Biddi

  1. Waterous Trail - updated May 2012, also marked on map 3a.
  2. Sidings Rail Trail / Old Timberline Trail - updated November 2007, Sidings Rail Trail is also marked on map 5a.