Sitting alongside the scenic Preston River, Donnybrook, known as the apple capital of the South West, is around 5km from the Trail and 48km form Nglang Boodja hut. It is set on a backdrop of seasonal displays such as spring blossoms, breathtaking wildflower displays, lush native forests and extraordinary autumn overtures. The town has much to offer including great food, wine, historical buildings, and the “biggest free entry fun park” in Australia. The Donnybrook Visitors Centre is a great place to start when wondering what to do first. With a population of around 2000 residents, Donnybrook has a number of facilities including a supermarket, bank and post office.

Town History

Donnybrook began as a small goldfield in 1897. The local gold rush was short lived with the gold mine closing by 1903. The growth of the apple and fruit industry has seen Donnybrook grow and thrive.

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