The Munda Biddi Trail Foundation relies heavily on the support of volunteers to ensure the management, operation, upkeep and maintenance of our world-class trail.

Please sign up as a Member and select 'Volunteer' to express your interest in volunteering and helping the Foundation to deliver a sustainable world-class nature-based off-road cycling experience.

If you are a registered trail maintenance volunteer with the MBTF and DBCA, please fill out the form below when reporting on your volunteering activities. If you are a member of the public, and want to submit a report about trail issues to the MBTF, please use this page.

Volunteer Hours Logging

Once you have completed your volunteer efforts on the Trail, it is important to log your hours using the form below. This is important so that the Foundation has an accurate record when reporting to DBCA, and also to keep track of individual volunteers.

When logging hours, please remember the following:

  • To include travel time (except in the case of adiminstrative activities such as board meetings.)
  • Log your hours as soon as possible after an activity.

Trail Inspection Reporting

The form below should also be used to submit trail maintenance reports, share trail condition information and work required by your Area Leader or DBCA.

Please complete this form every time you go out and perform trail inspections, even in the case that no work was required.

Accurate and timely reporting is critical in helping the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation deliver a world class cycling experience for all Trail users.