We are super excited to launch our new membership program, and website, for the Munda Biddi Trail riding community for 2022. You can join up as a member now, with membership benefits starting on the 1st of January next year.

The MBTF membership program is extremely important for the longevity of the Foundation. We are largely reliant on grants and small recurrent funding each year to sustain our organisation. Each and every paid member that signs up will be directly contributing to the sustainability of the MBTF and also assisting to improve the Trail experience, volunteer support and ongoing maintenance.

Paid members receive a range of exclusive benefits, including access to engaging members-only content and the option to take part in the Munda Biddi Members Raffle each month. These awesome benefits are outlined below in more detail along with the member pricing and categories.

The Munda Biddi is free, but paid membership assists the MBTF to maintain, promote and provide information about the Trail...support the Foundation that supports the Trail

Northern jarrah forest Biddi action


Becoming a paid member demonstrates that you are passionate about the Trail and are dedicated to protecting and enhancing it for future generations

Member Benefits 

Munda Biddi Membership Sticker 2022

As a paid member of the MBTF you will receive a special membership pack, including a membership card, sticker and assorted Munda Biddi goodness. Paid members will also gain access to an exclusive area of the website, the 'Biddi Clubhouse,' featuring interviews, guest blogs and detailed trip planning advice. Plus a monthly video series and product features from our MBTF business partners.

You can choose between a 1 year or 3 year membership option. Your membership will be automatically renewed each year on the date of purchase and you will receive a reminder in the weeks prior to renewal.

Membership is available at a discounted rate between now and the end of New Year's Eve by using the code EARLYBIRD

Members Raffle

Thanks to our member raffle supporters have kindly donated a range of different products meaning, every Super Hamper will be different!

Some of the goodies we have in store for the lucky winners each month include a variety of Campers Pantry meal bundles, Sea to Summit Etherlight XT Insulated Mat, Dry Sacks & TPU Straps. Osprey Siskin Day Packs, Petzl Actik Core Headlamps, Patagonia Ultra Lite Mini Hip Packs, Aeros Ultralight Pillows, Soto Amicus Stoves, Pure Nutrition Race Packs, Buff Original Neckwear, and Sea to Summit Delta light solo sets thanks to Paddy Pallin.

And that's not all! Trek Australia have donated some casual accessories whilst bar bag specialists skingrowsback have donated their famous Plan B saddle bags to top off the Super Hamper, containing over $500RRP of bike-packing & adventure related goodies every MONTH!

Becoming a paid member demonstrates that you are passionate about the
Trail and are dedicated to protecting and enhancing it for future generations.


Existing members of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation maintain the free tier of membership in 2022, but please seriously consider upgrading to a paid membership. If you no longer want to be a member of the Foundation, contact us by email. Life Members from the previous paid membership scheme are eligible for all paid member benefits in the new scheme, please get in touch.

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